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Experimental Watercolours
Loosen up your paintings with a variety of techniques; including using clingfilm, energy washes, salt and other media.

Beginners Acrylics
A fun introduction to acrylic painting techniques for beginners. This course is designed to introduce beginners and those looking to improve their skills to a variety of acrylic painting techniques. The course will include demonstrations and individual guidance with an emphasis on experimentation and lots of hands on practical exercises.

Egg Tempera Painting Workshop
Learn the ancient technique of egg tempera painting and how to make the paint from scratch. Participants will learn how to make paints from pigment and egg yolk and will create their own egg tempera paintings on gesso board, using the traditional painting techniques of cross hatching and glazing that were applied by the old masters.

Portrait Drawing Workshop
This course will introduce you to the basics of portrait drawing using pencil, graphite and charcoal. You will learn about facial proportions and explore drawing techniques. Concentrating on line, mark-making and tone you will produce a range of quick drawings and a longer study. You can choose to work from photographs or use a mirror to create a self portrait.

Introduction to Soft Pastels Workshop
This workshop is designed to introduce beginners to a variety of pastel techniques. During the workshop learners will cover: gestural line, blocking in, hatching and cross-hatching, blending, scumbling, dusting and optical mixing. There will also be chance to explore; tone, texture, composition and colour. Working from still lifes and photographs you will create a number of experimental studies and longer drawings that combine techniques.

Art Appreciation Course
On this course you will:
• Explore a different theme each week from portraits to landscapes, narrative art to animals.
• Find out about masterpieces, the stories behind them and why they are considered important artworks.
• Learn about media, techniques, colour and composition.
• Compare paintings from different eras and styles.

Getting Started in Art
This course is for complete beginners or anyone wanting to get started in a new medium. Bring along your own materials and learn the basic techniques, advice on suitable surfaces and tools. You will receive one to one advice and tuition and be guided in creating experimental studies followed by a drawing/painting from a still life or photograph, combining a variety of the techniques you have learnt. Please bring your own materials to use during the session, paper is available to purchase from the tutor, an apron is also suggested for most mediums.

Pen and Ink Workshop
The workshop will involve demonstrations of pen and ink techniques followed by practical exercises and the opportunity to experiment as well as looking at examples by well known artists. During the workshop learners will cover: line, hatching, cross-hatching, stippling, textural mark-making and tonal washes. These techniques will be combined to make a drawing from a still life that focuses on tone and texture. This workshop is suitable for beginners. Please bring an apron or wear old clothes.

Creative Drawing Workshop
You will be guided through a range of drawing exercises working from a still life, exploring line, mark-making and tone. You will progress from quick sketches to longer studies in pencil, charcoal and mixed media. You will be encouraged to expand your mark-making vocabulary and to loosen up by exploring drawing in different ways, while improving your observational skills.

Developing Your Creative Drawing Skills
This is an exciting course which will help you to develop your drawing skills. There is an emphasis on experimenting with different techniques and media. Students will create a range of experimental sketches and finished works.

Painting With Mixed Media
This is an exciting course which will introduce you to different media and painting techniques. You will learn how to use a range of different processes and techniques, both traditional and experimental. You will create a range of studies, experimental trials and finished works. You will work from subjects including still life and self portraits to be discussed with the tutor.

Watercolour for Beginners
This course will teach you the basics of watercolour painting and introduce you to more experimental painting methods. You will learn how to use a range of different processes and techniques to produce paintings. You will create a range of studies, experimental trials and finished works.

Altered Book Art (Children's Project)
This project involved designing and creating two altered book artworks, using a variety of media and techniques. The use of a book introduces artworks based on a narrative. The stories chosen have included a favourite book, stories written by the students and non-fiction events. The first book made use of wire modelling and paper mâché giving the impression that the story was exploding or growing out from the book. The second book was altered by cutting into it, collaging, deconstructing, drawing, painting, weaving, sewing, felting or folding.